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• Extreme portability – Plug it in anywhere you have power. Runs on standard Anton Bauer® battery packs and accessories, too!
• Advanced setup and profiles allow experienced users to customize the configurations
• EASE Menus allow basic encode/setup from the front panel interface
• USB ports allow easy installation of software upgrades, encoding of profiles, and transfer of archive files
• Client management software and Web- based encoder configuration is included


• Video Input: Composite (BNC connector with RCA adapter), S-Video
• Audio Input: Unbalanced stereo (2 x RCA), Balanced stereo (2 x XLR)
• 2 USB ports (one on the front panel and one on the rear panel)
• 2 Ethernet network ports
• iPod®/ZenTM mobile video device dock on the front panel (requires optional accessory kit)
• Video encoding formats supported: Windows Media®, RealVideo®, and Adobe® Flash® and Flash Live, MPEG-4, and 3GPP/3GP2
• 14 VDC input for battery connectivity(Anton Bauer Digital Dionic battery 90 recommended)

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The time for a Niagara® GoStreamTM or Niagara GoStream Plus is today! Don’t wait any longer to experience the value of adding streaming media to your communica­tions applications. Streaming media is a win-win application, offering efficient and cost-effective communications that will allow you to distribute your message every­where.

Case in point: In today’s market, Internet TV is growing at an exponential rate, although many potential content creators do not have broadcasting or streaming media experience. GoStream makes Internet video streaming accessible to virtually everyone.

The first of their kind, the Niagara GoStream and GoStream Plus are portable encod­ers that truly make capturing and streaming video uncomplicated. These single channel encoders are designed for the most novice of users. Both feature EZStream® buttons, which allow users to select from pre-defined encoding profiles.

With its portable, streamlined chassis design, intuitive front panel, and EASE control menus, streaming set-up is quick and easy. Just press “A”, “B” or “C” and “Stream” and you’ll be “on the air” in just seconds.

Both models include ViewCast’s exclusive Niagara SCX® Pro, so you can encode your video in all popular formats (see sidebar). With three user interfacees for configuring and managing your system, LCD menu, web interface and Niagara SCX Explorer – you can control and monitor one or a worldwide array of GoStreams. Mix and match with other Niagara models for exactly the right streaming media experience.

14 VDC input for battery connectivity (Anton Bauer Digital Dionic battery 90 recommended)



User predefined encoder profiles allow customization of GoStream for unique streaming encoding requirements.

A. A/B/C Preset Encoder Start Buttons
B. One-click Streaming
C. Live Audio Monitor
D. Video Sync Indicator


EASE Menu System
The EASE menu system provides an intuitive, easy-to-use control menu that allows users to manage system performance and configuration.
The GoStream exposes a complete set of controls for local management and operation. Stream and encode with EASE.

E. Real-time control of multiple encoder sessions
F. Real-time feedback on system performance
G. Direct-access for system configuration


Easy Exporting of Captured Files
Connect directly to handheld devices like iPod for direct video viewing.

GoStream allows users to export files to storage devices and view video on a handheld devices such as Apple® iPods® and Creative® Zen™ video players.

H. Export to Apple iPod / Creative Zen with optional accessory kit
I. View video on handheld players
J. Download and install system software updates and upgrades


Variety of Audio/Video Inputs
The rear panel of GoStream enables seamless integration with your pro A/V equipment.
K. Single-channel video capture
L. Mobile docking port for easy install/remove from optional Dual Mount
M. Dual LAN ports for simultaneous streaming and file transfer


Optional Accessories
The optional Dual Mount makes it easy to rack-mount two GoStream units side-by-side.
GoStream and GoStream Plus offer extreme portability and flexibility. But, when they’re not on the road, slide them into the new GoStream Dual Mount, which installs in any standard 19” equipment rack.
GoStream creates live streams in a variety of formats, and can be configured to save encoded content in these same formats to local or networked mass storage devices. Two built-in network ports give you complete flexibility to configure your external storage and video post-processing options.


Niagara GoStream and GoStream Plus include everything you need to make a complete streaming solution. Powerful configuration, control, management and monitoring tools include Niagara SCX Pro, Niagara SCX Pro Web Interface and Osprey SimulStream.

Encoder Management & Monitoring Software – Niagara SCX Pro

Niagara SCX Pro is ViewCast’s encoder management and monitoring software. Niagara SCX provides full access so you can view and set encoding parameters, start, and stop the encoding process, and receive notification of identified error conditions.

Niagara SCX Pro is extremely flexible, particular­ly in applications involving live broadcasting where immediate changes and tweaks are required. Niagara SCX Pro excels in providing the required controls to ensure optimum streaming video quality.

Niagara SCX Encoder nested view allows you to easily see all encoders on the network and their current status.
Niagara SCX Pro also provides control of:
• System CODEC and profile selection
• Windows Media, RealVideo, Flash, MPEG-4, and AVI
• Modification of capture resolution and attributes
• Adjustment of video pre-processing filters such as de-interlacing
• Adjustment of video resolution through scaling while minimizing CPU load
• Branding and protecting video content through logo watermarking
• Enabling and disabling Osprey® SimulStream®

Niagara SCX includes advance video preprocessing control and Closed Caption overlay, embedding or output to file.
Video format outputs:
• Windows Media 7, 8, 9
• MPEG-4 Part 2, Simple/Advanced Simple Profiles
• H.263 Simple/Advanced Simple Profiles
• H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) Baseline Profile
• 3GPP/3GPP2 Container Formats
• RealVideo 9, 10
• Adobe® Flash® (File only)
• Adobe® Flash LIve (October 2007, appliances only)
• Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) (File only)

Encoder Configuration Tool Niagara SCX Pro Web Interface
For custom configuration of the Niagara GoStream system settings, ViewCast created the included Niagara SCX Pro Web Interface tool. This tool does not require you to install special software on any other PC. You only need a Web browser on any PC running any operating system, and you can control and configure any Niagara streaming media encoder.
This Web-based user interface allows you to browse to any Niagara GoStream, GoStream Plus or Niagara Pro on a LAN or WAN network and manage the entire system configuration, including:

• Create, modify, and delete encoder profiles
• Start and stop individual encoders
• Pre-configure and assign ABC EZStream buttons
• View and manage encoder log files and entries
• Modify system network configuration settings (network name, IP configuration)

Osprey SimulStream

Designed to provide the optimal experi­ence of a streamlined workflow, Osprey SimulStream provides the ability to deliver multiple streams at multiple bitrates from a single video source. Osprey SimulStream is a premium software enhancement to the Niagara systems to extend the capabilities of a single channel audio and video capture.

Osprey SimulStream Features:

• Optimized streams for a diverse Internet audience — all streaming in real-time
• Maximum efficiency without sacrific ing quality
• Complete utilization of multi-core processors
• Maximum channel density for streaming production
• Reduced hardware costs

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For more information on ViewCast products, visit http://www.viewcast.com.

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© 2007 ViewCast Corporation. ViewCast, Niagara, Osprey, SimulStream and Niagara SCX are registered trademarks of ViewCast Corporation or its subsidiaries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Product specifications and availability may change without notice.


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